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An Explosives Pile is a crate with which players can replenish their explosives.

Description Edit

A typical Explosives Pile consists of three boxes of ammo (a small pale red container with caution yellow and black stripes and a handle on it) placed on top of some wooden crates.They restore ammo for explosive weaponry available in the game, such as the RPG-7, MGL-140 or the IED's and Grenades.

These can found scattered around the UAC (Unnamed African Country), namely at Safe Houses (if you have properly subverted enough main faction missions), militia checkpoints, towns, Weapon Shops and other places.

If damaged by a bullet or an explosion, an explosives pile will explode, injuring or even killing anyone standing close-by. They will not explode if shot with a Dart Rifle, nor will they explode if the player hits them with a Molotov.

If an explosives pile is found (such as at a militia checkpoint) it will be marked on the player's map. This is most obvious for guard posts, where the icon on the map actually changes from a picture of a guard to "Danger Explosives" sign, though it also appears when an explosives pile is found in towns or other marked areas, like Scrap Salvage. The explosives pile symbol does not appear at Weapon Shops, since all Weapon Shops have them.

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