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Escape from Durgesh Prison
Developer(s) Ubisoft
Release Date January 13, 2015
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC
Media Digital
Engine(s) Unreal Engine 3
Protagonist Ajay Ghale

Escape from Durgesh Prison is a DLC released on January 13, 2015, bringing a challenge to experienced players, with permanent death and playable in cooperative or alone.


The DLC takes place after Ajay leaves Durgesh, the prison run by Yuma, and passes out cold, being the bridge to the beginning of the Valley of the Yetis DLC, since it is possible to hear soldiers talking about the relic of Yalung and expedition Yuma sent to a valley in the mountains north of Kyrat. Leaving Durgesh, Ajay is greeted by Pagan saying he was in North Kyrat and it was not for Yuma have him drugged, and saying that she lost control, then he tells Ajay who sent the Amita and Sabal location an extraction point where Ajay should arrive in 30 minutes and enter the helicopter in time to escape the North Kyrat, the problem is that the North is very hostile, full of Yuma's soldiers and few members of the Golden Path, the point Ajay extraction does not have any defense for that, the player must work to Pagan for him to reward improving their defenses, the player will be able to release Outposts on the map to progress and win the persongem creating new weapons and items. Halfway the player will be able to hear the task Eye for an Eye, Hostage Rescue, and some Outposts that Yuma sent an expedition behind a relic brought by Yalung of followers who can bring something bad to Kyrat, then soon after fleeing Ajay says it will back this expedition and Relic.


The M-700 Predator (silent sniper-rifle with red-tiger-motif) can spawn in the following locations:

It appears that the probability of the rifle appearing increases by turning Mani Wheels (6 wheels can be enough; it is not about destroying Propaganda Posters, removing Masks of Yalung, increasing Karma or liberating outposts). See [ ] for mani-wheel-locations (in red) and Predator-locations in (in green).

The Auto-Crossbow has been seen in the following locations (incomplete list):

The MG42 (buzzsaw) is easily the most powerful weapon in the game and appears only once: in the safe-room of the fortress Rajgad Gulag. To conquer it the M-700 Predator and/or Auto-Crossbow are advised.

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