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The Elixir is an artifact that plays a major role in Far Cry 4 Valley of the Yetis DLC.


A legendary artifact of unknown origin, the Elixir is rumored to grant its user mystical powers. The relic is found in a large valley in northern Kyrat, where it is protected by a hostile cult known as the Disciples, who believe in the god Yalung.

Its appearance is that of a large orange-glowing crystal. Places "infected" with the Elixir have orange fungi that grow over the walls. The Elixir can also be extracted into a liquid, as it is seen stored in small tanks by the Disciples.

Events of Valley in the YetisEdit

In the mildst of the Kyrat Civil War fought between Pagan Min's Royal Army and the Golden Path, Ajay Ghale and his unnamed pilot were sent in a valley where the Elixir was rumored to be, in order to use it against Pagan's troops. However, the helicopter was shot down over the valley by the Disciples. Both managed to survive the crash, although the pilot was abducted by the cult.

After establishing radio contact with the pilot, Ajay hears that the Elixir seems to cause mutations to human. During the final mission, it is revealed that the Elixir was the cause of humans mutating into the dangerous Yetis. Ajay goes to the cave where the original Elixir is and destroys it, only to appear to become a Yeti after being exposed to the Elixir gas.

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