Heavy Gunners are members of Eden's Gate who are armed with M60 LMG. They are the most durable common enemies in game and require a large amount of bullets to kill. Powerful sniper rifles can kill them in only a couple of hits. They will charge their enemies like Berserkers while laying down a large volume of fire. Their helmets can be shot off their heads, and then the player can preform headshots on them. If the player gets to close to the heavy gunner they will swing they gun around to hit the player if they get hit by this attack they will fall down and be stunned temporarily. The heavy gunner can be killed in one hit if the player does a takedown on them.


Eden's Gate Heavy Gunner


  • They can be taken down with a normal takedown, unlike in the past Far Cry's, were heavies needed a special Takedown skill.
  • Unlike the Heavy Gunners in other Far Cry games, they can take cover or charge the player at relatively fast speed.
  • They are the weakest Heavy Gunners in the series. They are just below Pirate and Royal Army Heavy Gunners, in terms of how many bullets it'll take to kill them with an AR-C. Also they doesn't wear as much armour unlike Pirate and Royal Army Heavies.
  • Thier helmets resembles WWI and WWII German Stahlhelms.