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Down in Amanaki Town
Mission information
Reward 1911, 500 XP, (6P9 and stg-90 are unlocked as a result of the mission, so can be considred rewards)
Start Amanaki Village
End Amanaki Village
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Make a Break for It Harvest the Jungle

Down in Amanaki Town is the second mission of Far Cry 3.

After recovering from his brutal fall from the rope bridge, Jason awakens in a tribal town of the Rakyat people. He is awoken by Dennis Rogers, who introduces him to the native village, way of life, and customs.


"It is brave to swim in a storm, but to sunbathe on a beach with pirates? Insanity."
— Dennis

Jason wakes up in a shelter, with a mysterious man giving him a tattoo on his left arm. Jason feels threatened and begins to reach for a knife but the man pulls out a knife of his own. He threatens Jason before flipping the knife over and handing it to him. He introduces himself as Dennis and tells Jason that he is a warrior bound for greatness. Jason tells him of his missing younger brother Riley and friends and asks for Dennis' help, for which he replies "No, you can only help yourself. I am going to free you."

Dennis takes Jason outside and introduces him to the village. The villagers seem impressed with Jason's escape from Vaas' camp. Dennis speaks of his arrival on the island and his welcoming into the tribe before handing Jason $60 for weapons. Jason is reluctant to take the money and continue to fight, but Dennis reassures him. After purchasing a 1911 handgun from the village shop, Dennis leads Jason outside of the village, pointing him in the direction of a nearby radio tower. The tower is outfitted with a scrambler that prevents Amanaki Town from communicating with other villages. Dennis promises rewards for Jason by removing these scramblers. Jason scales his first radio tower, removes the scrambler, and then reveals the first section of the island on his map.


  • Buy a 1911 handgun at the store.
  • Follow Dennis out of the village.
  • Go to the radio tower.
  • Get to the top of the radio tower.
  • Disable the scrambler.
  • Use the zipline to reach the ground faster.
  • Talk to Dennis.
  • Open the world map.

Trivia Edit

  • Dennis says he found Jason at the beach, but in the previous mission, Dennis obviously jumps into the river Jason fell into and rescues him (possibly the river stream took Jason to the north island beaches).
  • In the trailer, Jason is seen waking up to Dennis. He gets the knife and aims it at him. In the game he tries to get the knife but fails as it is out of reach.


Far Cry 3 Walkthrough - Story, Part 02 Down in Amanaki Town Harvest the Jungle14:12

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough - Story, Part 02 Down in Amanaki Town Harvest the Jungle

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