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"Hello. Did we enjoy our time with the CIA? Welcome to Durgesh! I apologize for the Spartan accommodations, but you have been a naughty little shit haven't you? Gallivanting about with the Golden Path. And poor Paul! Are you still sore about what he did to your little monkey friend? What was his name? Deadpan? Dipshit? Doorknob?" - Pagan Min

Don't Look Down is a Far Cry 4 story mission in which Ajay is captured by Pagan and thrown into a Durgesh Prison cell in the Himalayan. He must escape the infamous camp while fighting off hallucinations caused by Yuma Lau.

This mission is the introduction for the Escape from Durgesh Prison DLC and Valley of the Yetis DLC, because in the end of this mission, Ajay passes out cold. Later, Pagan finds him and leaves to one North Radio Tower, and this is the beginning of the DLC Escape From Durgesh Prison, after Ajay escapes from the North in a helicopter, he goes to a valley in the mountains of Kyrat behind a relic which can give immortality to those who have it and the expedition Yuma sent to this Valley, beginning the events of DLC Valley of the Yetis, at the end of DLC Ajay hallucinates and sees it turning into a yeti, but he had sent a rescue request to the Golden Path before to go, then the Golden Path is Ajay swooning cold on the mountain where he was taking him home, thus leading to a final cutscene of the mission Don't Look Down, where he wakes up in bed at the Ghale residence and Amita and Sabal (influenced by the choices of the player) telling him that he almost passed out cold.

References Edit

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