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Wildlife: Dingo

"Rook's dingos are closer to dogs than their western counterparts, but they're still dingos at heart, kind of like reformed criminals or vegetarians."
— Survival Guide

Dingos are animals living on the Rook Islands in Far Cry 3

Dingoes are a species of wild dog native to Australia as well as Southeast Asia, where it is said to have originated. They hunt in packs, and can be very dangerous when confronted. They are curious animals and will watch Jason from a distance without attacking unless he threatens or harms them. Like the bears that roam the Rook Islands, they will not attack unless threatened or if their territory is intruded upon for too long.

Like Rabid Dogs, Dingoes can be identified by their distinctive howling. The easiest way to kill a Dingo is with an automatic weapon due to their fast movement and agility.

Like most animals they can be skinned and their hides, the Dingo Pelts can be used in crafting:




  • The Dingoes on the Rook Islands resemble New Guinean wild dogs rather than Australian Dingoes. This would make sense as the Rook Islands are likely near New Guinea.
  • Dingoes can sometimes be confused with Rabid Dogs due to the two animals having the same general body shape and canine appearance. But a closer look exposes their clear differences. While Rabid Dogs have a mangy and diseased look with sores and other wounds covering their bodies, Dingoes are in much better shape with clean coats.


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