Digvjay is a character who apears in the DLC of Far Cry 4, Valley of the Yetis.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Digvijay, only that he is a expecialist in explosives and a bombs creator. After the Valley be taken by The Awakened Ones, he began to hide, knowing that they would one day behind him to create bombs to them. But he is finally captured and held hostage, but he refused to give information to The Awakened Ones and refused to make bombs to him(So DLC's enemies rarely use explosives, exect when they try to blow up the Relay Station). To solve these problems they tortured him mentally and did smell Elixir distilled so that gradually he turn a yeti, by then, he will hear Yalung voices in his head.

Valley of the Yetis Edit

His first appearance is when Ajay Ghale hear on the radio the Sandesh soldiers talking about Digvijay, to prevent it create explosives Sandesh, Ajay goes there and rescues. After Ajay save it he calls and says the location of Sandesh and gives you explosives to destroy the gates and enter into his temple, he also tells Ajay about the voices and what The Awakened Ones did he see, what would be the effects of orange liquid which was distilled.

After it is impossible to know what happened to him, since Ajay was behind the relic and left the Valley.

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