FC2 Diamond grab

Diamonds are the currency of Far Cry 2. There are 1,000 diamonds to be earned and found in Far Cry 2. You can earn diamonds by finishing missions or you can find them in briefcases scattered around the country. The total cost of purchasing everything in the game is also exactly 1000 diamonds.

Notes Edit

  • Some diamonds can only be accessed from hang gliders, with one example being the case across the river from Fresh Fish, which can only be acquired with the hang glider adjacent to it.
  • You will receive ten diamonds from the first Diamond Briefcase you open upon completing the tutorial mission.
    • All other Diamond Briefcases contain either 1, 2, or 3 diamonds inside.
  • You can use your current Diamonds to buy new weapons for your armory, upgrades for weapons you have purchased, ammo bandoliers, syrette upgrades, stealth upgrades, or vehicle repair upgrades.
  • To find a diamond briefcase, the player should have their GPS out. The green light on the device will start flashing when a briefcase is nearby, and flashes faster the closer the player is to said brief case. The light will not flash but rather remain green if the player is not very close to the briefcase and is facing the direction of it (must still be within detection radius). The player will hear a beeping sound when immediately next to the diamonds (note that this is also how the player can find Jackal Tapes).

Diamonds in Leboa-Sako

Critical Path Missions 120 Diamond {{{1}}} Diamonds
Assassination Missions 60 Diamond {{{1}}} Diamonds
Briefcases 200 Diamond {{{1}}} Diamonds
Total 380 Diamond {{{1}}} Diamonds

Diamonds in Bowa Seko

Critical Path Missions 330 Diamond {{{1}}} Diamonds
Assassination Missions 90 Diamond {{{1}}} Diamonds
Briefcases 200 Diamond {{{1}}} Diamonds

620 Diamond {{{1}}} Diamonds

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