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A Dhole is a dog-like or jackal-like predator found in Far Cry 4 and Far Cry Primal. They travel in packs of three to five. Unlike Wolves the pack does not have a leader; you need to kill the majority of them before the remainder will run away, and even then the remaining individuals may return to attack again. However, they are much weaker than wolves, and so even though their packs are generally larger, they are easier to defeat.

Generally they will attack on sight, but if you attack one or two they will run, (they will later return), and so either leaving the area before they detect you (not difficult if they are concentrating on other prey, as frequently happens) or attacking them first is the best strategy for dealing with them.

Far Cry 4 Edit

FC4 Icon A total of five Dhole skins are needed to craft the tier 1 bait bag and the tier 2 throwables bag. Any additional skins will be automatically sold once those upgrades are crafted.

Far Cry Primal Edit

FCP Icon Dholes are tameable predators in Far Cry Primal, though the ones in this game have greater resemblances to the African Wild Dogs. Unlike the ones in Far Cry 4, these are members of the Xenocyon lycanoides species, an extinct canid species from the Pleistocene of Eurasia. Dholes are found primarily in the Western region of Oros. They often travel in packs and will attack you on sight, although they can be easily scared by any tamed animal. Tamed dholes will gather nearby plants and rocks, as well as skinning dead animals and humans.


Dholes have 1 Health and do 1 Damage, and are rated as being easy to hunt. The Rare Dhole is a pitch black version of the Dhole, and has 2 Health and does 1 Damage. As a tamed beast, the Dhole has 1 Strength, 2 Speed, and 4 Stealth. The Rare Dhole is slightly stronger, having 2 Strength, and it is more resistant to fire.


Trivia Edit

  • In Far Cry 4 when Golden Path members sight a Dhole or a pack of them, they will run to to the nearest highground such a building, and climb ontop of them in order to escape the dholes, which cannot climb.
  • A pack of dholes in real life can kill a single tiger.
  • Dholes are quite similar to dingoes from Far Cry 3. They are roughly the same size, travel in packs, and attack in the similar way.
  • Dholes are considered as the weakest of Kyrat's predators.
  • Although they can kill wild boars, wild pigs, and tapirs with ease, dholes present difficulty in catching larger prey like yaks and sambar and goats
  • Sambar deer can usually outrun dholes but they will continue to relentlessly chasing them.
  • Yaks require several bites for a single dhole to kill. In a pack, the combined effort takes less time.
  • Although common in Kyrat, dholes are listed as Endangered by the IUCN, as populations are decreasing and estimated at fewer than 2.500 adults.
  • Even though in Far Cry 4 dholes bark and howl, in reality they make a wide range of vocalizations like whistles, growls and screams, but they do not bark or howl. They actually sound more like domestic dogs and coyotes in the game.
  • Far Cry Primal's Dholes strongly resemble the African Wild Dogs (Lycaon pictus). A canid believed to be the ancestor of both modern Dholes and African Wild Dogs, Xenocyon lycanoides, lived in Europe during the Pleistocene. Primal's "Dholes", therefore, could represent Xenocyon, and simply be referred to as Dholes, because Xenocyon does not have a common name.
  • For some extrange reason the dholes from Far Cry Primal cackle and howl like spotted hyenas, even though no canine makes those sounds and they have little in common genetically with them since dholes are part of the canine family and hyenas are closer to mongooses and even cats than dogs.
  • Dholes are extremely weak in Far Cry Primal and can easily be killed by enemies and other animals [wolves, jaguars, cave lions, etc...]. Also a single normal swipe with a two-handed club can kill one.