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The player encounters a Tall Elk and several deer.


"There was a time on Rook Island when deers were vastly over-hunted by the influx of European colonists. But then all the colonists went extinct and now the deer are once again plentiful."
— Survival Guide

Far Cry 3 Edit

Deer are animals found on the Rook Islands. Like goats, they have a high tendency to flee when they see the player or another threat (e.g. predators or vehicles). To hunt them, the crouched position is very useful, since it makes the player less detectable. Their hide can be used when crafting items. As said in their handbook entry, a deer corpse is a great way to lure an Asian Black Bear.

Far Cry PrimalEdit

Several different species of deer are present in Far Cry Primal, some with dark brown fur and antlers, others with spotted fur, and still others with horns similar to those in Far Cry 3 (which more closely resemble antelopes).  The deer are never referenced seperately, and are only collectively referred to as "deer".

Deer are found all across Oros.  Deer Skin is used to build village huts and to upgrade items in the Crafting menu.  Rare White Deer are deer with all-white fur, and can occasionally be found with other deer.  Rare White Deer Skin is used to built huts.

Deer are fairly easy kills and they do not attack, but they are quick to flee a scene. Sic your fast cat on it or take a Scent Camouflage to sneak up on it.


  • Contrary to actual Asian deer, these have very small horns, giving them an appearance more reminiscent of muntjacs or antelopes.
  • The same species of deer can be found in Shangri-La in Far Cry 4, slaughtered by demons.
  • The deer in Far Cry Primal likely represent Red Deer and Fallow Deer, both of the Eurasian continent.

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