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Death from Above (Mission)
Mission information
Given by Willis Huntley
End Durgesh Prison
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Kill or Be Killed Dont Look Down

Death from Above is a mission in Far Cry 4.


Willis Huntley flys Ajay Ghale to the Himalayas to kill one of Yuma Lau's lieutenants. After Ajay kill hims, he uses his Wingsuit to get back back to Willis' plane. When Willis is about to take off, he tells Ajay that the "Yuma's lieutenants" he's been killing for Willis were actually undercover CIA agents that were killed in order to hide the involvement of the CIA in Kyrat. With that, he grabs him and opens the door, and says that every patriot he knew was a "sonofabitch" and throws Ajay out of the plane, leaving him hurt in the snow. Then one of Yuma's guards knocks him out and carries him to the Durgesh Prison.

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