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The D2 is a double-barrelled sawn-off shotgun that appears in Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 4Edit

“Double-barrel, sawn-off shotgun that is devastating at point blank range.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 4

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The D2 first appears in Far Cry 4. It is a sawn-off sidearm shotgun that fires both barrels at once in a devastatingly powerful blast, and can even kill a Rhinoceros in just 3 shots. It becomes available after the A Cultural Exchange mission, costing 31,500 rupees, or Longinus will give it for free after liberating 9 Bell Towers.

Its lack of range is a large crisis since you have to get all close up and personal. The D2 is useful against predators and squads of unarmoured or slightly armoured enemies.

It is the second highest damaging sidearm, and the highest damaging for non-explosive munitions. It is only out-damaged by the M-79 Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher.

One can be found at the Rai Family House, in the cellar.


Far Cry 5Edit

The D2 returns in Far Cry 5 as a sidearm. It serves as a more portable version of the full-size weapon, the SBS.

“This sawed-off shotgun has seen its share of wastelands. It's brutal. It's effective. Enough said.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The base model, the D2 appears in Far Cry 5.

It can be customized with several paint schemes.


“This shotgun knows the flavors of sin. Delicious.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

A unique engraved golden version obtained by completing Walk the Path, the Sin Eater lacks the ability to be customized.


“This sawed-off shotgun has seen its share of wastelands. It's brutal. It's effective. Enough said.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

Identical to the base model, the Outlaw was added in the first periodic content pack for Season Pass owners.

Like the Sin Eater, the Outlaw also lacks any form of customization due to its status as a Prestige Weapon.



  • In Far Cry 5 title update six, a bug was introduced that removed all DLC bonus weapons, including the Outlaw variant of the D2 to disappear from the game after respawning or fast traveling. Exiting the story mode and reloading it would fix the issue until the next time the player died or fast traveled.[1]
    • This bug was fixed a few weeks later in Title Update 7.[2]


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