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Far Cry 2-Crossbow
Damage mid-high
Magazine Size 1
Maximum Ammunition 4
Price none
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The Crossbow is an exclusive weapon available from the Fortunes Pack DLC.


As it is readily available after installing the Fortunes Pack DLC, it has proven itself to be a superior special weapon in early stages of the game. It serves as an excellent substitute for the RPG-7 if it's not available to purchase. It is a great starting anti-vehicle weapon as the RPG-7 carries only 3 shots from the start while the crossbow carries 5 shots. It is an ordinary crossbow with a combat scope much like the Carl-G's and the MGL-140's. However, it is loaded with explosive bolts.

Although the bolt's explosion is quite loud, the weapon itself is silent, and destructive against both infantry and vehicles. Being silent (before the bolt hits), it allows players to fire the weapon in a hostile territory without alerting guards to their presence until the target is destroyed, and even then the enemy will still have to pinpoint your actual location. Skilled players can utilize the crossbow from afar to take out convoys with precise aiming and estimation. Moreover, it is excellent to use against convoys. One can simply take out a target and retreat quietly without having to face their escorts.

The Crossbow's bolts are explosives that have the smallest blast radius and lowest damage against personnel in the game. However they are still able to destroy vehicles with 1 shot. Be warned though that the crossbow's projectile should not be treated the same as the RPG-7, the Carl-G, and the MGL-140. A fired bolt will take time to hit a target and the longer it travels, the more it will "drop" due to gravity. This can make you miss your shots if caution is not exercised.

It has mediocre reliability, therefore it is suggested to check the status of the weapon regularly and to change it in the armory when given the chance. As such, you should always swap it out when rusty. 


  • Unlike other weapons from the Fortunes Pack DLC, difficulty has no effect on the ammunition carried, neither do bandoleers.
  • The basis of this weapon also appears in Far Cry 4, albeit without its explosive bolts.
  • When the player puts the crossbow in a special weapon case, he puts it upside down. It's possible that this was done to avoid damaging the strings.


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