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“Don't eat the crab. Raw shellfish could kill you.”
Survival Guide

Beach Crabs are animals that can be found in Far Cry 3. They are mostly seen when wandering on the beach: they can be difficult to see because of their small size. Jason can kill these creatures and unlock a handbook entry.

Beach Crabs cannot be skinned.


  • Sometimes, Crabs play a similar role as vultures, since they can be found near dead bodies in some shipwrecked boats or containers.
  • Surprisingly, some Crabs are harder to kill than others, sometimes needing more than a shotgun blast to be killed.
  • Despite playing a minor role in the game, Crabs are one of the animals seen on the 'fauna' page of the handbook, along with the Deer, the Boar and the Asian Black Bear.  
  • The description isn't lying, for raw shellfish carries many different diseases in real life, especially those of the beach crabs. This, coupled with its small, mostly useless shell, is probably why it can't be skinned.
  • When shooting a crab,his blood appear to be blue,meaybe a reference to the horseshoe crab who is the only animal to have blue blood.