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Cop Killer
Cop Killer
Mission information
Faction APR
Given by Prosper Kouassi and Arturo Quiepo
Start Pala
End Police Station
Previous Next
Reap What Ye Sow

Cop Killer is a primary mission during Act I in Far Cry 2.

The mission is given to the player by Prosper Kouassi and Arturo Quiepo, at the APR HQ in Pala.


The APR wants you to assassinate the local chief of police, who's friends with the UFLL.

Objectives and Walkthrough Edit

Main Objective Edit

The police chief is driving around the roads near the Police Station. He's a passenger in a Jeep Liberty and is being escorted by two assault trucks. You need to destroy his vehicle to complete the mission.

Location Objective
Pala Receive the objective.
Roads around the Police Station Ambush the motorcade and kill the Police Chief.

Subverted Mission Edit

Your buddy will ask you to meet him or her at a Safe House to the south of Shwasana. Your buddy will suggest that you head over to the Shwasana fishing village and get a ledger from the Police Chief's brother; the book contains some sensitive information about some of the Chief's shady deals with the APR. This will cause the police chief to return to the Police Station which will make him an easier target. Also, when the deputy in the police finds out, he decides to deliver a large quantity of weapons to the UFLL. Your buddy intends to ambush this delivery and asks that you'll be there to help them out.

You'll need to make your way up to Shwasana to get the ledger from the chief's brother. He will be located on the second floor of the large building in the centre of the village. After you intimidate him, he'll tell you where the book is. Pick it up and head towards the Police Station

Once at the Police Station go to the building marked on your map and take out the police chief. After that, make your way towards the east, and help your buddy fight off the militia.

Location Objective
Safehouse south of Shwasana Meet your buddy at the safehouse.
Shwasana Get the police chief’s ledger.
Police Station Terminate the police chief while my buddy ambushes a UFLL convoy.
Road east of the Police Station. Meet my buddy and help eliminate a UFLL convoy

Notes Edit

  • You can find a used Carl G Rocket Launcher inside the safehouse where you meet your buddy.
  • A very easy way to kill the Police Chief is to sneak in from the back of the Police Station and kill him. You will only have to take out a sniper, and maybe someone who is patrolling the area.

Trivia Edit

  • The exact same police chief is seen in the intro of Far Cry 2 next to a herd of wildebeest and goats. Although this could be a different person with the same model of the police chief. As seen in 1:46 of this video

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