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Confront Pagan is the final mission in Far Cry 4.

After shattering the eastern gate of the royal fortress, Ajay Ghale heads to Pagan Min's undefended Royal Palace. He finds Pagan in the dining room, where Pagan, after a long speech, gives a choice to Ajay: either kill him, or let him be and scatter his mother's ashes at Lakshmana.

The choice is then left to the player.

After killing Pagan, Ajay speaks with the Golden Pather leader that was chosen during the storyline. Despite being not able to fill in his mother's wish to have her ashes scattered at 'Lakshmana', Ajay says that it "isn't so important".

After dining, Pagan leads Ajay to a small building behind the Palace. This is where the remains Lakshmana Min, Ajay's half-sister and Pagan and Ishwari's daughter, are. Ajay, filling his mother's wish, puts Ishwari's ashes next to Lakshaman's. Once this is done, Pagan and a Royal Army soldier head towards an helicopter. Pagan flies away with the helicopter, saying that he's giving Ajay the country, but he's keeping the helicopter. Afterwards, Ajay returns to the Ghale Homestead to speak with the surviving Golden Path leader.

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