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Conflict Diamonds are loot in Far Cry 3 & Far Cry 4. They are one of the most valuable loot items that can be found either on bodies, in chests or when picking up memory cards.


Conflict Diamonds are an efficient way to earn money, by selling them at stores, especially since they serve no other purpose. They are sold for a relatively high price compared to the value of many other loot items found in the game. It is worth around $75.


  • The existence of Conflict Diamonds is a reference to the previous game, Far Cry 2, where diamonds are the main currency in Africa, where the predecessor was set. It is also very likely that the diamonds found in Far Cry 3 are from Leboa-Sako.
  • From the description of the item: "These African conflict diamonds were probably brought here by a mercenary."; this could imply some of Hoyt's people have found a secret stash of the diamonds, akin to the scattered diamond cases of Far Cry 2.

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