Club (Level One)

The Level One Club

The Club is a weapon in Far Cry Primal. It can either be crafted by the player, found on dead foes or found around Oros.

Weapon Characteristics Edit

The Club is a useful tool as well as a weapon. While starting off a mere rock shoved into a conveniently-shaped stick, it can soon be turned to a more hard-hitting weapon. With fairly low requirements, the Club quickly becomes a respectable weapon, capable to dispose of lower-level enemies with a single swing. Its fast swing-speed also allows for reliable elimination of Chieftains.

Crafting Requirements Edit

Club (Level Two)

The Level Two Club. Note the teeth secured to the front of the handle.

The Club has three upgrades.

1. - 3 x Adler Wood

2. - Takkar's Cave (Level One)

- 12 x South Maple

- 6 x South Rock Dust

- 4 x South Stone

Club (Level Three)

The Level Three Club.

3. - 3 x Rare South Maple

- 2 x Rare South Stone

- 10 x South Rock Dust

Both upgrades provide the club with more damage, durability and agility. The second upgrade grants the Club sharp, tooth-like designs on the front, just underneath the stone head. The third upgrade now sports a much more solid and ornate design. The entire upper half of the weapon is made of stone, with vicious spikes protruding from the front and sides of the weapon.

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