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A Clouded Leopard is a carnivorous animal that lives in Kyrat in Far Cry 4.

The Clouded Leopard being small and agile can seem dangerous. They are a fairly easy kill and a good source of money as the pelts are worth 8000 Rupees each. They can be attracted by bait. An easy way to make money is to repeatedly throw bait in a leopard habitat. If you have a recurve bow you can kill them in 2 shots. You probably wont be injured as they pause when you shoot them for the first time. Then you just keep collecting skins and then sell them. The leopard will attack near by players, civilians, and animals. The clouded leopard is indigenous to southern Kyrat. Its close relative, the snow leopard can be encountered rarely while in the clouded leopard hunting zones. If a player is lucky enough, they may see a fight between a Leopard and a Tibetan Wolf. More often, the Clouded Leopard will win by using its agility and speed to flip the Wolf over and kill it with a bite to the throat. Or in some cases, the Wolf may pin the Leopard to the ground when it attempts to jump and kill it by crushing its skull with its powerful bite.Clouded leopard in the game are larger than their real life counterpart in the game they are equal in size to a common leopard.

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