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Claes Products
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Region Leboa-Sako
Claes Products

Claes Products is a location in Far Cry 2.

It is located in the southern sector of the Leboa-Sako district.

This is a factory in U.A.C (Unnamed African Country) which was closed down when the militia made it into an outpost. The presence of a railway track indicates that this company may have exported products out of the country.

If you subvert the mission Grow Op, you have to come here and steal a cylinder of defoliant and take it your buddy at the airfield. Your buddy will spray it from the air on the Occidental Growers Company to get rid of the vegetation.

Towards the west of this area, inside the U-shaped cliffs surrounding Claes Products, there is Hang Glider — one of two in the game that are not needed to reach a diamond case.


Before the war, the factory probably belonged to a Danish chemical company named "Claes Products." since "Claes" is a Danish name.

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