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"Do not kill innocent civilians!

Shooting civilians will not be tolerated!
Jason receives this warning when killing a Civilian in Far Cry 3, the latter in case you kill a few more

Civilians are unarmed and non-hostile people of the Rook Islands in Far Cry 3.

They can be seen driving in a Technical or a Stryus. Since Jason is allied with the Rakyat it is forbidden to kill them even if Jason is wearing the Privateer uniform. Failure to comply with the in-game warning will cause instant death to happen if Jason kills more than two civilians in short succession. Jason will occasionally run into situations where civilians are in danger; it is the player's choice if Jason will help, or leave the civilians to their deaths. These situations include, two pirates or privateers escorting civilians at gunpoint, if Jason saves them, the civilians will thank Jason and run away in a random direction, and a civilian vehicle being pursued by a pirate or privateer vehicle, if Jason saves the civilian vehicle, the civilians will thank Jason and drive away very fast on the path. There are also unique situations where Jason will see civilians performing actions such as, a civilian standing next to a random dead animal, if the player approaches, the civilian will skin the dead animal, and a female civilian standing near some dead Rakyat warriors, if Jason approaches, the civilian will loot their bodies and walk away, it is worth noting that a pack of animals, usually rabid dogs, will spawn when the woman is approached, and when the woman walks away, she will unknowingly walk in the direction of the pack, it is the player's choice if Jason will save the woman, or let her die, if saved, the woman will thank jason and run away in a random direction. Also when you defeat pirates driving an armed vehicle and the villagers are next to you, just go to use the gun located on top of the vehicle, do nothing and one of the villagers will start driving you around the island and of course you can shoot the gun at hostiles.

Civilians will attempt to hide in the event of hearing gunfire.


  • If the player wants to save a civilian being executed by a firing squad then the best option is to use a silenced sniper rifle or quickly ambush them with multiple takedowns.
  • Some Civilians will be escorted down a rural trail by two or three enemies. Use a Silenced weapon or try to perform as many takedowns before they have a chance to aim.

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