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City of Pain (Mission)
City of pain
Mission information
Given by Noore Najjar
Reward 1911, Auto-Crossbow, MP5, F1, .700 Nitro, U100
Start Shanath Arena
End City of Pain
Previous Next
The Sleeping Saints
The Protectors Arrival
Basic Chemistry (Sabal)
Advanced Chemistry (Amita)

He's throwing himself a going away party, at his compound. He's vulnerable there. He likes to ship in his "meat" from a nearby village. That is your way in.”
Noore telling Ajay about Paul's party

City of Pain is a mission in Far Cry 4. It is the final time the player encounters and confronts Paul "De Pleur" Harmon.

In the mission, Noore sends Ajay to the City of Pain, where he has to free some slaves (if siding with Sabal) or photograph their interrogations (if siding with Amita) and then head to Paul's office, all while not being detected. If Ajay is detected even once, Paul will be alerted and the mission will be a complete failure.

As Ajay walks into Paul's office, he frees a slave before putting on his bag and impersonating him in order to deceive Paul. Paul walks in while on the phone with his wife and daughter, before looking for a "present" obtained from dead Golden Path members. After calling off, Paul pulls the bag from Ajay's head, where Ajay surprises him before knocking him out.

The player must now carry Paul to a nearby car and escape with him; the skill Moving Target (which allows the player to shoot a sidearm while moving a body) proves of high benefit here, as Ajay will be defenseless otherwise while carrying Paul. The player can choose to drive Paul to the Golden Path, or kill him by destroying the car. After kidnapping him, Paul reveals that he killed Noore's family long ago, under orders from Pagan, and that his daughter actually wrote the letters.

If Ajay decides to deliver Paul to the Golden Path, he takes him out of the trunk with a bag on his head and hands him over to Sabal, who forcefully has Paul dragged inside a nearby house to be tortured. Amita adds that they already know the perfect spot for him.


The soundtracks will repeat over and over again until Ajay places himself on the chair in Pauls torture room.