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City of pain

City of Pain is a mission in Far Cry 4. It is the final time the player confronts Paul "De Pleur" Harmon. After the player kidnaps him, it is revealed that he actually killed Noore Najjar's family long ago, and that his daughter actually wrote the letters. He is handed over to the Golden Path at the end of the mission. In the mission, Ajay Ghale is sent to the City of Pain, where he frees some slaves or photographs interrogations and then head to Pauls office. There the player will free a slave and put on his mask. When Paul pulls the mask from Ajays head, the player knocks him out and carrys him to a car nearby. The player can choose to drive Paul to Amita or Sabal, or kill him by destroying the car.

Soundtracks Edit

The soundtracks will repeat over and over again until Ajay places himself on the chair in Pauls torture room.

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