FC4 IconFor the campaign mission, see City of Pain (Mission).

Cidade do Sofrimento
The City of Pain is a location in Far Cry 4. It is where Paul "De Pleur" Harmon holds his infamous parties.

This is where De Pleur mainly works for Pagan Min. His men bring victims in and tortures and often kills them. He takes any valuables and jewelry off of them and brings the best items back to the U.S. to give to his daughter, Ashley.

This is where the mission City of Pain occurs, where Ajay Ghale must capture Paul and take him to the Golden Path. The player has the choice to let him live and give him to Amita and Sabal or kill him with a car explosion. If the player delivers him to the Golden Path, he will be found to the east of Banapur with a guard of the Golden Path and his phone will be ringing, just out of his reach.

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