King Mins Kyrat Citizens

Citizens of Kyrat is main people that lives in country of Kyrat. They are civillians and easily scared of anything from rocks to explosions and animals. They will speak to Ajay as he passes them and will drive around in civillian cars like Darrah and Stryus and a mini van. The player are not allowed to kill them.

They can also be spotted as hostages in side missions aswell as karma events. They fear the Royal Army and Royal Guards, and any hunting animal such as Honey Badgers, Tigers, Bears, Snow and Clouded Leopards and Eagles and if charging Elephants and Rhinos aswell.

Trivia Edit

  • Their main language is hindi as can be heard in Shanath Arena, but they do speak English aswell. They gives you hints sometimes as males will sometimes say "If I was fighting, I would check on bodies for supplies and Ammunition" which can reference to players who loots bodies of Soldiers.
  • It is also revealed that they prefer Royal Army more than Royal Guards, as they state that the Army is at least from Kyrat.

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