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“Yeah! Suck on that!”
Chris, after killing some pirates.

Christopher "Chris" Mintz-Plasse is the main protagonist of The Far Cry Experience. Christopher went to the Rook Islands with his camera man Barry. His job was to film the documentary The Far Cry Experience. However, during filming he meets Vaas Montenegro and his pirates, who destroy the crew's boat and murders the staff. Chris is soon found and caught by Vaas and buried up to his head in sand. He is then tortured by Vaas for days as each day is filmed. The torture includes dehydration, being trapped in a glass bowl with a giant spider, have a fire cracker go off in his face, being shocked by a car battery and unknowingly fed pieces of Barry's flesh. After several days, Chris dies of dehydration, to the dismay of Vaas who mourns for Chris, before burying his head in the sand and regrouping with the pirates after hearing the news of another playmate's arrival on Rook Island.

Chris's head can be found in game still buried. Once found the player with receive an achievement called "Say Hi to the Internet."His head can be found at the beach of his death.


  • Chris' death is ironic, as in the first episode of The Far Cry Experience, he told Barry that the first rule of survival is to find a water source, and if they don't drink in 3 days, they will die. Later after he was captured and tortured by Vaas, he died of exposure brought on by dehydration.