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A player answering their cellphone

The Cellphone is a piece of equipment which is available to the player in Far Cry 2.

The phone that the player's character uses appears to be fairly old model, as it has an antenna, and the screen is small.

The player can receive calls, listen to voice messages and, in one mission, transmit coordinates with the mobile phone.

After the player meets a buddy and then goes to either faction to obtain a mission, the buddy will call the player in less than a minute and offer the player the option of subverting the mission.

The journalist whom the player meets at Mike's Bar, Reuben Oluwagembi, occasionally calls the player either to discuss the current situation or to request the player's help.

Bug (confirmed for PC/Steam version):There is a bug where the player would pick up the phone and no voice line would be heard. In this case the player also does not hang up the phone on his own. The only known way to "fix" this bug is reloading the last save and trying again. The player may also let the message go to voice mail, save after the beep and try listening to the voice mail. In this case there is no need to backtrack everything the player has done from the savepoint up to the point of the call. This however can take multiple tries as well, sometimes restarting the games seems to redude the amount of tries.