"A very dangerous carnivore. If you can learn to tame one, you'll have an intimidating yet cuddly companion for exploring Oros."
— Far Cry Primal Homepage
Cave Lions are animals first introduced in Far Cry Primal. They are based on the real-life Eurasian Cave Lion, Panthera leo spelaea.
Far cry primal cave lion


Cave Lions are found all across Oros. Cave Lions come in two variants, the regular white Cave Lion and the Rare Black Lion. Black Lions can be spotted sometimes among other Cave Lions. Cave Lions can climb, but they cannot swim. Like all felines, Cave lions do fear fire, and they are also tameable.


Cave Lions and Rare Black Lions are rated as being hard to hunt. Successfully hunting a cave lion will yield Cave Lion Skin, a resource used to upgrade items in the Crafting menu. Rare Black Lion Skin is used to build village huts. Cave lions, including the Rare Black Lion, have 3 Health and do 3 Damage.

As a tamed beast, a Cave Lion will automatically tag nearby enemies within a small radius. Tamed Cave lions have 3 Strength, 3 Speed, and 3 Stealth. Tamed Rare Black Lions have 4 Strength, 3 Speed, and 3 Stealth, and are resistant to fire.



These felines are quick so be ready to switch to your melee weapon when one approaches. They are able to climb short ledges. As a tamed beast, the Cave Lion is the most balanced of the wildcats. With decent speed and stealth, it is a decent choice for hunting and capturing an enemy location. The ability to tag nearby enemies makes it the ultimate hunting companion when targeting the most dangerous game. The Black Lion is tough to find, but it does make appearances where Cave Lions are found. It is slightly stronger than a regular Cave Lion, making it a good companion for most situations. The Black Lion is also resistant to fire.


  • Cave Lions in Far Cry Primal are largely solitary animals, dissimilar from modern day lions (Panthera leo), and share similar striping patterns to tigers (Panthera tigris). This may mean the developers ascribe to the notion that Cave Lions are not merely a subspecies of lion (Panthera leo spelaea), but are a separate species (Panthera spelaea). Some paleontologists promote this theory, and believe Cave Lions were closely related to both lions and tigers, which would explain why the Cave Lions in Primal share characteristics of both species. However, it is common belief that Cave Lions lived in prides like modern lions because ancient painting often depicts them in groups.
  • Cave Lions in the game are smaller than their real life counterparts, but this could be explained but the fact that they have to compete with Sabertooths for the same prey. In areas where two big cats share the same habitat, like for example tigers and leopards, the weakest species becomes smaller as a way to avoid competition. This could also explain why the European Jaguars are smaller in the game, since they have to compete with two different species of cats.
  • The roars and growls of Cave Lions in the game are combinations of tiger, lion and even leopard sounds.

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