"The bigger, meaner cousin of the brown bears. Don't bother trying to intimidate one with a flaming weapon; you'll only face an angry bear on fire."
— Far Cry Primal Homepage

Cave Bears are animals first introduced in Far Cry Primal. They are based on the real life cave bear, Ursus spelaeus.

Far cry primal cave bear


Cave Bears are found primarily in the Northern region of Oros. The Great Scar Bear, a Cave Bear that is a Great Beast, is found in the Eastern region of Oros. Both Cave Bears and the Great Scar Bear are tameable. Cave Bears can swim, but cannot climb, due to their large size.


Killing a Cave Bear will yield Cave Bear Skin, which is used to upgrade huts and items in the Crafting menu. The Cave Bear has 5 Health and does 4 Damage, and is rated as being very hard to hunt. As tamed beasts, Cave Bears have 5 Strength, 3 Speed, and 1 Stealth, while the Great Scar Bear has 5 Strength, 3 Speed, and 2 Stealth. Cave Bears draw enemy attacks in battle, drawing attention away from the player.


Tame the Cave Bear at first chance for a strong beast companion. If you decide to fight it, bring along a strong animal of your own. They can swim and do not fear fire. Cave Bears are mostly found to the north, but do make appearances elsewhere. It is the strongest of the regular beasts and surprisingly quick. This beast is great against higher-health enemies, but do not plan to go undetected with it by your side. Its ability to draw an enemy’s attacks and high health make it a great tank.


The Great Scar Bear must be defeated as part of the Beast Master Hunts before gaining access to the beast. The Great Scar Bear is very powerful and relatively fast for its size, though leave this one at home if you wish to remain undetected. It does a good job as the tank, drawing the focus of the enemy while you pick them off from afar. It can go longer between feedings than other beasts, but still keep an eye on its health. They are also the only regular animals that can kill sabretooth tigers. So help your beast in the fight.


  • Cave Bears were omnivorous, like modern bears, although many paleontologists believe they exhibited a higher degree of herbivory than modern Brown Bears. As such, despite being portrayed in the game as ferocious predators, Cave Bears were more likely to attack humans if they were provoked, and instead of hunting large game, it fed mostly on plants.
  • The coloration of the Great Scar Bear was probably based on Arctotherium, a giant short-faced bear from early Pleistocene South America. The size of Cave Bears is also based on giant short-faced bear as they are much bigger than their real-life counterparts but similar in size to short-faced bear.

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