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FC3 cutout throwable c4
Category Explosives
Price $40
Magazine size 1
Maximum ammo 6
Attachment slots None
Supported attachments None
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"If you want to blow something up, or do breast enlargement surgery, good old Composition C4 does the trick."
— Survival Guide

C4 is an explosive in Far Cry 3.

It will detonate after a given time when set, and consists of a block of C4, that Jason holds in his left hand, and a detonator remote in his right. It is a powerful anti-personnel and anti-vehicle explosive, useful against all kinds of targets.


A very useful weapon in the hands of the tactically skilled player. It is useful for players that do not yet have the Heavy Beatdown skill unlocked since it can be used to kill Privateer Heavy Gunners while still remaining undetected. 

  • When placed on roads, it is also an excellent weapon to ambush vehicles.
  • Also, the C4 can actually be thrown a short distance, opening more opportunities of use.
  • You may try setting traps by covering an area with the C4 and luring a group of enemies into the trap, to then detonate the C4 and blow them up.


  • Its full name is 'Composition-C4', and its main component is RDX, an explosive nitroamine, much more powerful than TNT.
  • If the player has placed multiple C4 charges, they will be detonated in the order they were placed.
  • If the player presses the button to place C4 when directly facing a wall, Jason will stick the C4 onto the wall, but pretty much any surface will work.
  • Weak walls, that can be blown up, will show a stick explosive here icon.
  • Such weak walls are often found when looking for Relics, however these walls can also be knocked down with Mines or a Grenade.

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