Brown Bears are animals that appear in Far Cry Primal.



Brown Bears are found throughout all of Oros. Brown Bears can swim, but they cannot climb due to their large size, and they are also tameable.  They closely resemble the Himalayan Brown Bears in Far Cry 4.


Killing a Brown Bear will yield Brown Bear skin, which is used to upgrade huts and items in the Crafting menu. The Brown Bear has 4 Health and does 3 Damage, and is rated as being hard to hunt. As tamed beasts, Brown Bears have 4 Strength, 3 Speed, and 2 Stealth. Brown Bears draw enemy attacks in battle and uncover nearby resources while the player stands idle.


The Brown Bear is found all across Oros, so pick one up soon after learning the Tame Apex Predators skill. It is very strong with decent speed. It acts as a tank, drawing an enemy's attacks, plus it collects nearby resources when you stand idle. It is a great choice when taking on the bigger, slower wildlife. If you are traveling with a Brown Bear, it will scare away any other predators except Badgers, Sabretooths and Cave Bears, although it can be killed in a scripted animation duel with a Cave Lion.

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