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Blood Komodo Dragon

Wildlife: Blood Komodo

"One of the most disturbing creatures on Rook Island is a komodo dragon with a strange defect that causes its saliva to run red like blood. I'm calling it now, this will become the next sensational house pet when people get bored of pythons."
— Survival Guide

The Blood Komodo dragon is a rare animal found in Far Cry 3. It can only be encountered during the Path of the Hunter mission.

Blood Komodo

The Blood Komodo (center) is the toughest of all Komodo Dragons on the Rook Islands

The animal has a strange defect that causes its saliva to run red like blood.

Skinning the Blood Komodo yields the Blood Komodo Leather used in Crafting to create an Extended Grenade Pouch.


  • In reality, all adult Komodo Dragons have trace amounts of blood in their saliva. This is caused by their fragile gingival tissue that almost completely covers their teeth. With each bite, the Komodo Dragon has to lacerate its own gums to devour its prey.
  • The Blood Komodo, like other rare animals, deals more damage and has a larger health pool than its regular counterpart.

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