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Wildlife: Black Panther

"The rare black panther that roams the island is said to be darker than night or Turkish back hair."
— Survival Guide

The Black Panther is a black variant of Leopard found in Far Cry 3. It can be hunted once during a Path of the Hunter quest. The start location for the quest is on the western peninsula of the northern island, southwest of Dr. Earnhardt's mansion, and northeast of the Orphan's Point outpost.



Hunting the Black Panther

The Black Panther is in reality simply a black variant of the Leopard but it is much more vicious and harder to kill than its spotted relatives. Furthermore, due to the variation in the animal's coat colour it is very well camouflage in the foliage and can be hard to spot when wandering the jungle during the night.

It helps if the player carries a Hunter's Instinct syringe with them when hunting this animal.

Skinning the Black Panther yields the Black Panther Leather used in Crafting to create an Extended Syringe Kit.


  • Contrary to popular belief, Black Panthers are not an actual species, but rather a collective term given to a melanistic mutation in leopards and jaguars. The mutation is rare and causes an individual to be born with a black or dark brown coat rather than the typical color. Their spots are usually visible up close. The mutation is only proven to occur in leopards and jaguars,but may also occur in tigers.
  • Here's another tip to hunt the black panther: use an animal repellant syringe if you already have the recipe for it, because 60% of the time, it works everytime.


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