"The Black Eagle is revered by the Rakyat. Reminds me of the great US of A, we know how to treat our eagles, as logos for illegal fireworks sales."
— Survival Guide

The Black Eagle is a bird found in Far Cry 3 and  Far Cry 4. In Far Cry 3, it can be met while using a glider, and will advertise the player of its presence by a loud scream. Like the Jellyfish, it seems that it cannot be killed in Far Cry 3, even if the description of the animal suggests the contrary. In Far Cry 4, the Black Eagle functions very differently. They attack the player and even interact with the ecosystem, attempting to and succeeding at carrying off pigs or other prey.

Trivia Edit

  • In Far Cry 3, the Black Eagle's description reads: "The black eagle is revered by the Rakyat. That doesn't mean it can't be hunted. Just be respectful about it... maybe." However, in the game, the animal does not seem able to be killed.
  • In Far Cry 3, if you glide too close to it, there is a chance the bird will actually attack you. This can cause you to crash and die if you are gliding too high.
  • In Far Cry 3, the Black Eagle is in the Map editor's A.I. section, and can actually be killed on custom maps.
  • This may also be seen as a reference to Assassin's Creed where eagles are used as signal devices to navigate assassins to viewpoints.
  • Black Eagles can often be seen attacking Golden Path Rebels, Royal Army/Guard and even civilians, sometimes succeeding in killing them.
  • Their feathers aren't required to craft anything in either Far Cry 3 or 4.

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