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"The bharals started migrating north over the King's Bridge when King Min first blessed Kyrat with his guidance. They preferred the sweeter grass in the north over the rotting vegetation in the south."
— In-game description
Bharal page

A Bharal is an animal that lives in Kyrat in Far Cry 4. It is known in English as the Blue Sheep and are found in the mountainous regions of Asia.

A lot of players through social media have complained that they cannot find these creatures which is unusual because they live almost everywhere, from the Himalayas to Bananphur. They are found living in herds, and they can easily be killed in numbers. The most popular way of finding them is unlocking the outpost/fast travel "KHILANA BAZAAR" and visiting the lake south from there. Also, try to use a bow of some sort to try capturing more skin per creature; usually 2 skins per clean shot.

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