FC4 IconThe Kyrati Tiger shares many traits with the distinguished Governor Yuma, an elegant guardian who strikes without mercy against her enemies. But to the people of Kyrat, she is the loving mother who nurtures and protects her cubs."

-In-game description
BengalTiger page

The Bengal Tiger is an animal that can be found in Kyrat in Far Cry 4. They are hostile and will try to sneak up on the player. These big cats are Kyrat's apex predators. Only two of Kyrat's other animals will stand up to one in a fight. They are the Honey Badger and the White Chested Bear. If a player is lucky enough, they can watch a chance fight to the death between a tiger and a bear. Whenever they meet the bear will attempt to scare the tiger off by rearing on its back legs and roaring. The tiger will stand its ground and roar back. Momentarily they will engage in battle. The tiger will try to leap up and grab the bear's throat. The bear will use its forelegs to push its adversary back down. Now the fight will end in one of two ways. 1- The tiger will use its greater agility to knock the bear down, then finish it with a throat bite. 2- The bear will use its superior strength to overpower the tiger, then kill it with a throat bite. Despite being the stronger of the two, bears lose more often in these confrontations than tigers do.


Tiger skin are used for crafting.

  • Two skins are required for Rocket Pack.
  • Five skins are required to upgrade throwables pack from level 2 to level 3. As a result, the carrying capacity will increase from 7 to 9.
  • Besides the two carnivores listed above, all of Kyrat's other predators will flee upon the presence of a tiger.
  • A good place to see tiger vs bear fights is by De Pleur's fortress on the other side of the small lake.
  • When confronting a Honey Badger, the tiger will circle in an attempt to attack. The badger will stand its ground and make mock charges. Eventually the tiger will give up and flee with the angered badger in hot pursuit.
  • In real life, in Siberia and India, tigers and bears do come to clashes. And just like in the game, the tiger usually wins most of the time.


  • In map editor, if you put four tigers very close to each other, they will start fighting each other. However, if you put the tigers very close to humans, they will stop attacking each other, and instead will attack the humans as a team.

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