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"In the noble beehive, nature mimics King Min's vision for Kyrat: Co-operative and efficient, they are willing to attack any aggressors in times of war when their leader is threatened."
— King Min's Kyrat

The Beehive is classified as a collective animal species that can be found in Kyrat of Far Cry 4.

When exploring, a beehive may be discovered. The bees are not aggressive, unless someone shoots at it. As a result, the bees will then attack the player and nearby enemies. Hitting a beehive with a molotov cocktail or other flame weapon will destroy it without causing a swarm, as will most explosives. They often spawn on the corners of small houses, shacks or even alarm posts. If enemies are underneath the hive or in close range, shoot it and they will attack and kill the enemies. However, if YOU are too close to them, they will attempt to kill you. You can postpone this almost certain death by holding the healing button when prompted to swat away the bees. A beehive can be found in Bell towers sometimes. Most of the time you are able to know if you are close to a beehive because a few bees will start to fly around Ajay's face on the screen. The bees work similarly to fire, and they will stop attacking you, as long as you submerge yourself in water for a brief period of time.

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