Banapur Tower

Ajay looking at the Bell Tower

The Banapur Tower is a Bell Tower in Far Cry 4. In the mission Propaganda Machine, Ajay takes over the tower to stop Pagan's propaganda in the area near Banapur. It covers locations like Banapur, Old Isha's House, Kyra's Refuge, Prabhakar's Farm and the outpost Khilana Bazaar. Banapur Tower is the first tower to be liberated.

Trivia Edit

  • Sabal gives Ajay wrong information; he says the tower has no guards, but when Ajay gets there, two guards are protecting it.
  • The first guard Ajay comes across is sticking a propaganda poster on the wall.
  • Ajay can kill the guard who is sticking the poster up with a shot, arrow, knockout or by dropping the nest of bees from the tower.