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"Our beloved leader Pagan Min awarded Baghadur Fortress (sometimes referred to by its old name of Ragatawada) to Noore as thanks for her many years of dedicated service. The warmth of our king can be seen in this gesture, those loyal to him are treated like family."
— King Min's Kyrat

Baghadur is a location and fortress within Southern Kyrat in Far Cry 4. The Fortress belongs to Noore and becomes easier to liberate once she has been dealt with.

Tactical TipsEdit

Despite appearances, the fort is actually quite easy to capture undetected as a solo player, even before being weakened. The outer wall and minefield can be bypassed by climbing the rocks to the right of the fort. You can then eliminate the pair of snipers inside. Afterward it is a simple matter of killing the remaining guards inside the temple.

Alternately, there is a tunnel to the left of the fort that allows you to walk straight into the inner temple if you prefer getting in close.

Due to its relative restrictibility this fortress is useless to liberate elephant style.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the smallest fortress in Kyrat.
  • This fortress has various entrances, which makes the player has various strategies.

Gallery Edit

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