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Badtown on the map

"Chances are no other town in the world lives up to its name better than Badtown, or no other name is less imaginative. I mean come on, couldn't it have been Dark Town? Night Town? Lost Town? Celebration? Regardless, this place is packed with privateers and pirates."
— Survival Guide

Badtown is a shanty town village located on northern of Rook Islands in Far Cry 3. It is located on the east end of the island, inland from the sea along a river, in the Murder Summit Region of the island.


Badtown as seen from a Radio Tower nearby

The village is made up of mostly shantys, and the residents are mostly below the poverty line. The town has a general store as well as some seedy businesses for prostitution, drinking, and drugs.


  • The campaign mission: the Bad Side of Town, takes place here.
  • The mysterious "man in white" or Willis Huntley , as you later learn, is located here. 
  • The village has one side quest to complete; outside the fish store, across the street from the brothel.
  • A Trial of the Rakyat is available at the village's northern gate.


  • Sumatran Tigers can be found prowling around not far from the town presenting an ever present threat to both the player and the townspeople.
  • Also Chickens can be seen wandering throughout the town, likely stray farm animals.


  • Although the Survival Guide states that the "place is packed with privateers and pirates", neither pirates, nor privateers spawn within the city limits.
  • During the mission "man in white", you can see Willis Huntley talk to a presumably prostitute, and if you wait a few seconds once he begins to walk off, a man can we be seen to abuse and curse her, telling her to give him his money.
  • When you walk into Badtown close to the Weapons Store, you can hear a man say "being a puppet is easy, all you have to do is let go, let it all go", this could be referenced to when Hoyt talks about how he pulls the strings to these "puppets".

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