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Badgers are animals featured in Far Cry Primal across Oros. They are the equivalent to a Far Cry 4 Honey Badger.


Badgers are the smallest and slowest of the animal species in Oros, but they are tough for their size, have no fear of fire, and can frighten every other animal in sight.


Killing badgers will yield Badger skin, which is used to upgrade huts and items in the Crafting menu. The Badger has 3 Health and does 2 Damage, and is rated as being hard to hunt. As tamed beasts, Badgers have 3 Strength, 1 Speed, and 3 Stealth. Badgers can revive themselves from death once, terrify all wildlife in Oros, and they are immune to poison.


  • Similar to the honey badger in Far Cry 4, the Badger can scare away any animal in Far Cry Primal except snakes. This is great for protection against other animals.
  • Badgers are the only animals besides bears, mammoths and rhinos that do not fear fire.
  • Tamed Badgers can revive themselves once. The real-life badger possesses a similar behavior in which they can quickly recover from even the most venomous snake bites. However, only honey badgers are able to do this, not the Eurasian badger.
  • In coloring this beast resembles the modern day Eurasian Badger (Meles meles). Although anatomically and behavior-wise speaking it's identical to its Far Cry 4 counterpart, the honey badger (Mellivora capensis).
  • Several staff members and even the official guide call the badger a honey badger several times, even though its based on the Eurasian badger.
  • A badger is the only creature an adult Mammoth fears.
  • Badgers are useless for hunting as they'll only scare away prey animals. Not attack and kill them.
  • Despite being immune to Udam poison badgers still take damage from snake bites.
  • Badgers are incapable of swimming or climbing.
  • Badgers will attack Takkar while he's mounted on a Sabertooth or Bear.
  • The badger will sometimes attack Takkar when he tries to pet it.