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Bad Side of Town
Mission information
Faction Rakyat
Given by Dennis Rogers
Reward 2000 XP
Start Citra's temple
End Badtown
Previous Next
Meet Citra Kick the Hornet's Nest

Bad Side of Town is the twelfth mission of Far Cry 3.

Jason goes to Badtown to investigate the man in the white suit from his dreams. Once found, Jason follows him to a shack in Badtown without being spotted.


Jason arrives at Badtown and located the building from his hallucination. He enters and sees the man in the white suit. Jason quickly sits down to a game of poker for cover. After a winning round, the man will approach the table and put out his cigar using the ash tray on the table. He compliments Jason on the play and leaves. Jason follows shortly thereafter. The man slowly walks across the town to a shack at the end of a long street. The mission ends upon his entering the shack.


  • Investigate Badtown
  • Visit the bar
  • Play a game of poker
  • Follow the man in white without getting noticed

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