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The Auto Crossbow is a special weapon that is appearing in Far Cry 4. The weapon is quiet and therefore a very viable weapon for stealth. It is also powerful, and capable of killing enemies in one shot to the chest or head, although it requires 2 shot to torso later into the game.

The Auto Crossbow is unlocked after completing the City of Pain mission. After it's unlocked it can be purchased for ₭105,000 or Longinus gives it to you for free after liberating 17 Bell Towers. It can also be found in the prison mine in the mission "Don't Look Down" in one of the two weapons caches before arriving at the belltower.

It is primarily a short-ranged weapon capable of being fired rapidly. It has a much flatter trajectory and higher velocity than the bows. This flatter trajectory, along with the attachment of an optical sight allows the player to "snipe" enemies at much longer ranges more easily than the Recurve Bow.

The auto crossbow is excellent for stealth kills. By the time it can be acquired, a significant amount of enemies are armored and as with the bow require a head shot to kill outright; a quick double-tap can be used to dispatch most armored enemies with bodyshots alone, even on the hardest difficulty.

When used as part of a careful and well planned stealth assault it can be extremely effective, being even more versatile and with a much higher damage output than the recurve bow, with its only disadvantage over the bows being its inability to use incendiary/explosive bolts.



  • When fighting the Royal Army in the south, this weapon can easily dispatch them, as it will kill them with one shot to any part of the body. With the Royal Guard in the north, it will take two shots to the torso or one shot to the head.
  • This is somewhat similar to a PP-Bizon. But, this version has no stock and a similar magazine to PP-Bizon. This suggests that the weapon may have been homemade from a broken PP-19 by a talented gunsmith.

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