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Assault Truck
Seats 1 + Gunner (SP) 2 + Gunner (MP)
Weaponry Machine Gun (M249/M2) or
Grenade Launcher (Mk 19)
Speed Average
Armour Factor Low
The  Far Cry 2  Vehicles
Cars Car · Buggy
SUVs Jeep Liberty · Jeep Wrangler
Trucks Assault Truck · Cargo Truck
Boats Swamp Boat · Fishing Boat
Air Vehicles Hang Glider

The Assault Truck is a vehicle in Far Cry 2.

The Assault Truck can take quite a lot of damage before it becomes unusable. It is perhaps the most common vehicle in both single and multiplayer. Even though the player will only ever encounter two enemies in an assault truck at one time, it actually has 3 positions (a drivers seat, a gunner position, and a passengers seat — however, the third can only be occupied in multiplayer mode). The truck seems to be based on the Land Rover Series III.

Assault Trucks can commonly be found outside Safe Houses, at Guard Posts, and being driven by mercs on roads. Assault Trucks also accompany the convoys that feature in the Weapon Shop missions. During Act 1, assault trucks will be mounted with M249 machine guns. In Act 2, the weapon on some trucks is upgraded to an M2 .50 cal, and rarely even the mighty Mk 19. The trucks come in a variety of colours.

During the first stages of the game, the player will often encounter one or two Assault Trucks near Guard Posts. It is always wise to destroy an Assault Truck first in order to avoid getting overwhelmed by the machine gun fire, and it may suit the player to commandeer one and use it against the enemy. In case the truck is occupied before it can be destroyed or stolen:

  • Attempt to take out the gunner with a primary weapon before turning your attention to the driver.
  • Use an explosive weapon to destroy the truck and kill any passengers in the process.
  • Kill the driver to render the gunner immobile (though the gunner will usually take the drivers seat after his death).


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