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Asian Tapir

Wildlife: Asian Tapir

"Tapirs are large, docile vegetarian mammals common on Rook Island. Sounds like the hippies back home, except the Tapirs don't poop in my begonias, pardon my French."
— Survival Guide

Tapirs are animals native to South America and Southeast Asia, but also live on the Rook Islands. Their hide can be used when crafting items.  Tapirs are also present in Ice-Age Europe in Far Cry Primal.

Tapirs are massive creatures and can weigh up to 1,500 pounds. The distinctive trunks protruding from the snout of the animal are used for communication and a snorkel. Tapirs are semi-aquatic and spend much of their time in the water. Their stout body shape makes them difficult targets for crocodiles, with whom they share the rivers with.

White Bellied TapirEdit

Main article: White Belly Tapir

The White Bellied Tapir on the right

The more common tapirs on the Rook Islands bear a close resemblance to a tapir species known as the Baird's Tapir which are mainly a blackish-brown in colour. However, there is at least one tapir with a white belly and hindquarters that bears a very strong resemblance to another tapir species known as the Malayan Tapir. This white bellied tapir can only be found once in a Path of the Hunter mission.

Far Cry Primal's TapirsEdit

"These boar-like mammals are passive and do not flee very fast, making them a very easy kill. These animals only come out at night."
— Far Cry Primal Official Strategy Guide

Far Cry Primal's Tapirs are possibly based on the Auvergne Tapir (Tapirus arvernensis), a tapir found in Europe during the Pleistocene.  Tapirs are found all across Oros during the nighttime.  They are rated as being easy to hunt, having only 2 Health, and not being capable of attacking the player.  Tapir Skin, as a resource, is used to upgrade items in the Crafting menu.  The Tapirs in Primal are brown, with a white striping pattern.

flight response Edit

When threatened the tapirs will bolt, running away from danger. They will never attack or harm the player since they are afraid of humans.

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, Tapir usually can be found in Papua Island, East Lesser Sunda Islands and Maluku Islands.

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