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Asian Black Bear

Wildlife: Asian Black Bear

"The Asian black bear has a distinct white chest and a reputation for being aggressive, making it the official mascot for Chinese New Year in the Castro."
— Survival Guide

The Asian Black Bear is a predator in Far Cry 3 and is often considered to be the most dangerous animal on Rook Island.

They can usually be found alone in caves, near a river or in the jungle, and their hide can be used for crafting. During some hunting missions, bears can be found in small groups. Like dingoes, bears will not attack unless they are provoked or cornered. 

Bears have a tough body and a powerful attack. They can be lured using a deer corpse.

During a Path of the Hunter mission, a unique variant of the Asian Black Bear can be found. This Undying Bear needs to be killed with a shotgun to complete the mission.


  • The Asian Black Bear growling sound effects are, in fact, growls from Brown Bears.
  • In the game, the bears are bigger than real-life Asian Black Bears.
  • Bears are usually very quiet animals in contrast with the game where they are one of the most vocal and noisy animals.

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