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Simple Arrow Quiver

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Heavy Duty Arrow Quiver

Quiver Extended

Extended Arrow Quiver

The Arrow Quiver is a craftable item in Far Cry 3, enabling Jason to wield more arrows at one time. Jason starts with a quiver which has a capacity of 5 arrows, but the largest one can hold up to 30 arrows.

Special arrows, such as Explosive Arrows or Flame Arrows, are kept among the normal arrows, but are stored differently, since Jason can use maximum amount of normal arrows and still an extra 10 Special arrows.

Also see the Arrow Quivers on the Crafting page.


Special arrow craftingEdit

"Craft special arrow tips for your regular arrows. 10 of these tips can be carried, regardless of quiver size."
— in-game description


  • Arrows can be picked up from the ground and dead people by walking over them, effectively having infinite ammo if they can be found.
  • Arrows are unlikely to kill a Shark because the water removes some of the speed arrows have in the air.
  • Explosive arrows are used in the story mission where Jason kills the Ink Monster while being drugged.

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