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"The presence of APCs on Rook Island just goes to show that makers of military-grade vehicles will sell their goods to anyone as long as they’ve got cash. These tough armored vehicles are commonly used by local mercenaries."
— Survival Guide

The Armored Personnel Carrier, or APC, is a non-drivable vehicle in Far Cry 3.

It appears only in the story mission entitled Ambush. It is driven by the Privateers after the ambush by Jason and the Rakyat warriors.

The vehicle is very similar to the French VAB 4x4 armoured vehicle.


Although Willis states in the Survival Guide that the APC is commonly used by Privateers, it only appears in the story mission Ambush as described above. It is never encountered again, not even when the player reaches the Southern Island, where Privateers quickly become the regular foes.

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