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“An albino crocodile? Someone's just making this fellow up. No, my guidebook says its real. I guess they're rare. Rarer than an Asian on network television.”
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The Albino Crocodile is a unique animal found in Far Cry 3. The player is asked to hunt it in a Path of the Hunter quest, with the Machete being the required weapon.

The animal can be found in a swamp near an isolated village, not far from Bridge Control. Killing it consists of a quick time event, as most crocodile encounters do. Once slain, the animal can be skinned. But like normal crocodile leather, the Albino Crocodile Leather is not suited for crafting and can only be sold for $60 at a vendor.


  • Albino Crocodile Leather
    Albino crocodile leather is tough and exquisitely textured. You'll definitely profit from its sale.
  • The Albino Crocodile is the only rare animal whose leather cannot be used in crafting.
  • It is also the only creature that you are forced to fight directly, without any possibility of doing something other than fighting it in the water.