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Addi Mbantuwe
Affiliation U.F.L.L.
Rank Leader
Age 42
Gender Male
Nationality Indigenous to game world
Height 5'11"
Hair Curly, black, cropped, receding
Eyes Light brown
Weight 210lbs
Appearances Far Cry 2

Addi Mbantuwe is the Leader of the UFLL. He is a former labor union chief and opposition leader. Mbantuwe is a ruthless man, commanding an army of rebels and mercenaries from the social club in Port Selao.

Trivia Edit

  • The player can choose to kill him in Act 2.
  • Addi Mbantuwe is mentioned in the Jackal Tape entitled "Smuggling". From the sound of it, the two men have met at some point.
  • According to the Far Cry 2 manual, he was the leader of the outlawed "Authenticity Party" before he joined the UFLL.
  • Like many others, Mbantuwe seems to use the war to enrich himself. In a side-quest provided by Flora Guillen , the player can destroy a convoy containing his new furniture and plates made of gold.  

Gallery Edit

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